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Who is Sasuke Uchiha? Boruto Manga Characters | Boruto

Member of the almost extinct Uchiha Clan; He was Sakura and Naruto’s partner on Kakashi’s team while they attended the Ninja Academy. He is the younger brother of Itachi Uchiha, from whom he inherited his special Mangekyo Sharingan technique, and whom he pursued throughout his youth to avenge the death of his clan.

Since being assigned to Team 7, he became Naruto’s rival, however, as time passed, they became excellent friends; So much so, that one of the things that allowed Sasuke to remain conscious and strong in the face of Orochimaru’s attempt to take over his body, was the desire and conviction to win and meet Naruto again.

This friendship, which crossed barriers and borders, ended up forging one of the strongest ties in the series, which functioned as a connecting thread throughout it. Something similar, he had with Sakura, who was deeply in love with him, after triumphing in the Fourth Great Shinobi War , Sasuke apologizes to Sakura for having made her suffer so much, she accepts and they get married.

He is the biological father of Sarada Uchiha. and subsequently plays the role of teacher or tutor to Boruto Uzumaki. Due to his close bond with Naruto, Sasuke decides to support him in the protection of the village of Konoha, so he assumes the position of the Hokage’s right-hand man and serves as the most trusted shinobi. This inspired Boruto, who dreams of one day being like Sasuke.


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