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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 49 Online Free

Boruto Manga 49 will be out this month and the manga series is getting serious with some massive twists and turns. Fans were shocked at Isshiki in his true form and the villain is so powerful that the ninjas hardly have a chance to fight him. Boruto and Naruto will have a hard time in Boruto chapter 49 after Isshiki tries to attack the village of Konoha.

Kashin Koji could have escaped right now using his frog form, but he is very hurt. Sasuke and Kawaki could do their best to save the villagers and the next manga chapter “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” will be amazing. Here are more details about Boruto’s Chapter 49 release date, spoilers, theories, leaks of raw scans, and ways to read the chapters online.


Boruto Manga 49 Spoilers, Predictions, and Theories

In chapter 49 of Boruto manga, Where Isshiki is about to invade Konoha, Both Sasuke & Naruto tries to stop Isshiki. Also, by merely handing over the village to Isshiki, all the bloodshed can be evaded. Down below, are some more theories, plot twists, and spoilers of Boruto Chapter 49.

Way before in previous chapters, it was cleared out that the battle will start very soon and the latter can shock the opponents by having more opponents during the fight.

Team 7 beat Boro and Kashin Koji, Jiraiya’s clone is made to fight Jigen that means among all the members of Kara, Code is the only one who can support Isshiki.

Code was overlooking Ten Tails that Isshiki barred in some other dimension which was the last point we saw Code. Ten Tails who was a seed for God Tree that produces chakra according to Amado, Isshiki made Code overlook over such priceless possessions. When the fight will start, it will make the situation even more difficult for Sasuke and naruto if Code shows up.

But on the other hand, when Isshiki didn’t possess Jigen’s body fully, he almost killed both Sasuke and naruto, so the fight is already more bend towards Isshiki. In chapter 49 of Boruto manga, Isshiki is going to make a revival with greater strength.

Boruto Chapter 49 Release date & Raw scans

Chapter 49 of Boruto manga is going to be published on 20th August 2020. This is going to be the second time when Sasuke & Naruto will fight Isshiki and is definitely going to be the most interesting part in the whole series.

After the English transition of chapter 49, you can read the chapter here on Borutomovieuk.com where we provide the latest chapters in High Quality with the option to read online or download. Also, you can use Viz to read Boruto.

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