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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 46 Online Free

Boruto Chapter 46 will be out next month on its regular schedule and will have no delays due to the Golden Week or even the COVID-19 pandemic. While last year, Boruto Chapter 35 was almost delayed by a month due to breaks for the Japanese Golden Week break. It won’t happen, as all major holidays and mass gathering events are canceled out of fear of the coronavirus outbreak.

There will be a great action-packed fight sequence of Jigen vs Koji Kashin in the manga chapter Boruto 46. The people of Konoha are having a hard time believing the secrets revealed by Amado, but most of the information is very helpful and almost unprotected. Here is everything you need to know about the Boruto Chapter 46 release date, plot spoilers, predictions, theories, leaks, a rough analysis, and how to read manga chapters online.


Data from the next chapter of the Boruto manga:

The spoilers for Boruto Chapter 46 predict that the Koji Kashin-Jigen fight will have some amazing and powerful moves that were teased in the previous edition of the manga. The fighters are equally trained in Jujutsu and have many tricks up their sleeve, making illusions and copies of themselves. Koji Kashin was created specifically to kill Kara’s leader, and the Boruto 46 manga chapter will reveal more background information about him.

There are various fan theories claiming that Koji Kashin could be Jiraya or someone with hidden motives to kill the Otsutsuki clan. Amado has been sharing Kara’s secrets with Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru so that he gets asylum in Konoha when Jigen tries to kill him. There will be an intense fight between Jigen and Koji Kashin in chapter 46 of “Boruto” along with more surprises from Amado.

Release date Chapter 46 Boruto

The Boruto Chapter 46 release date is set for Wednesday, May 20, 2020, as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapters are released monthly. Boruto 46’s raw scans need to be leaked online around 2-3 days before the manga’s launch, meaning that around May 17, spoilers will be available online.

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