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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 44 Online Free

There have been many theories surrounding Koji Kashin’s real identity. Half of his face is also covered all the time as if mocking manga fans that something big will be revealed about him. It is highly likely to happen this month, as her fight with Jigen becomes the main event in chapter 44 of “Boruto”.


Spoilers for chapter 44 of ‘Boruto’

The mission to rescue Naruto has been successful, although fans have yet to see them return to Konohagakure. The final panels of Chapter 43 focused on Koji returning to Kara’s hideout, reminding fans that he wants to kill Jigen.

Chapter 44 of “Boruto” will likely pick up from this sequence, and that means another fight will take place in the manga after the new Team 7 fight with BoroJigen and Koji’s fight is exciting, mainly due to the latter’s mysterious personality.

It is still unclear why he is hell-bent on killing Jigen, who is allegedly his leader. Even more interesting was the revelation that Amado appears to approve of the plan to kill Jigen in chapter 44 of “Boruto”.

The group scientist didn’t explicitly say so, he seemed very indifferent when Koji returned to his hiding place to kill Jigen . Apparently Amado gave him some advice when he told Koji that Code, another fierce-looking Kara member, is far away protecting the Ten Tails. Amado also told Koji that Jigen has only regained 10 percent of his overall strength.

A long-standing theory suggests that Koji could be Jiraiya , but nothing concrete seems to have proved it. But there are certainly too many mysteries surrounding the character now that he intends to kill his supposed leader. Hopefully, chapter 44 of “Boruto” will unmask Koji, literally and figuratively, so that fans can understand what role he will play in this arc focused on the seals of karma.

Release date of chapter 44 of ‘Boruto’

Chapter 44 of “Boruto” will not be released until March 20.

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