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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 42 Online Free

The next chapter of ” Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ” is just around the corner, but it is still quite difficult to predict what will happen due to the many possibilities. The only obvious plot for chapter 42 of ” Boruto ” is the continuation of the fight between Sarada, Mitsuki, Kawaki, and Boruto against Boro.

While the reborn Team 7 managed to find an antidote to the dark Boro mist, the enemy managed to interrupt their plan by threatening to hurt Naruto. Does the continuing fight hint that the younger characters get help from others like Sasuke and Sakura?


Boruto Manga 42 ‘What are the chances that Sasuke and Sakura will help against Boro?

Sasuke has the ability to travel to the foreign dimension where the fight is taking place. The last time fans saw him, he is in a hospital bed and was seriously injured. Fortunately, he returned to Konohagakure in time for Sakura to heal him. There is no doubt that it will improve under Sakura’s care, but the question remains whether that will happen in chapter 42 of “Boruto”.

This is crucial because once Sasuke is healed, he will most likely want to go back to where Naruto is and rescue him. So it’s not a crazy plot theory to consider him helping the reborn Team 7 against Boro in chapter 42 of “Boruto”.

However, the way this fight is building makes it seem like a conflict that the new generation of characters must resolve on their own. Boro successfully mocked Kawaki in Chapter 40, but Team 7 could still have a few more tricks, like Mitsuki’s Wise Mode . Since this is a fight that the reborn Team 7 decidedly took on in the previous chapters, it would be more satisfying to see it end without getting outside help.

Release date of chapter 42 of ‘Boruto’, other possibilities of the plot

The last few months have been about fighting Boro, so there is a chance that chapter 42 of “Boruto” will dedicate some panels to show updates on the status of Jigen and Sasuke. Seeing what happens next while Jigen heals is exciting considering Koji Kashin previously decided to kill him while he is still weak.

Fortunately, the wait for Chapter 42 of “Boruto” is almost over. It will launch on January 20 with the official translation available online.

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