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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 41 Online Free

Another month of waiting begins for the arrival of Chapter 41 of “Boruto”. But waiting for a new chapter of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” is never boring. There are still plenty of possibilities that fans can explore and discuss while waiting for a new installment.

One of the most probable events in chapter 41 of “Boruto ” is the continuation of the fight against the Kara Inner member named Boro. A chapter revealed a lot about this cryptic character. But those details weren’t enough for “renewed Team 7” to figure out how to defeat him.


Boruto Manga 41 Prediction: Does Sasuke return in a foreign dimension?

It doesn’t look like Team 7 and Kawaki will return to Hidden Leaf as they regroup and plan their next moves. Shikamaru also emphasized that Sasuke is the only way they can reach younger ninjas because that requires Ninjutsu of space-time. Sasuke is still seriously injured and has not yet become aware. The only chance for Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Kawaki to get some sort of boost is for Sasuke to fully recover, hopefully, in Chapter 41 of “Boruto”.

If Sasuke woke up in Chapter 41 of “Boruto”, Shikamaru and other Hidden Leaf ninjas could even join him in Naruto’s rescue mission. But there’s also a good chance that manga writers will leave the revamped Team 7 without Sasuke’s help in their next fight with Boro. The fight in the other dimension will certainly have a part 2. But Boruto manga 41 might have some scenes where the revamped Team 7 discusses Boro’s ninjutsu.

It should also be noted that Kawaki and Team 7 must act fast because Jigen only needs two days to fully recover, as mentioned in chapter 39. Boro pointed out in chapter 40 that he is also tasked with getting Kawaki and Boruto back. like vessels with the seal of karma. So for Jigen to return to the other dimension after she regains her strength, it is not far-fetched.

Release date of chapter 41 of Boruto

It is confirmed that Chapter 41 of “Boruto” will be released on Friday, December 20. It will be the last installment in 2019. The new chapters are accessible for free through various channels, including Shizisha’s Shonen Jump websites and mobile apps and Viz Media’s Shueisha Manga. 

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