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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 39 Online Free

The last chapter of ” Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ” went beyond what any fan expected, and it also opened the manga too so many possibilities. With the release of chapter 39 of “Boruto” in a few weeks, some readers certainly hope Naruto can escape Jigen’s seal in some way. In the meantime, it’s also possible that the manga will reveal a few more details about Isshiki Otsutsuki’s background.


Boruto Chapter 39 Predictions: Can Naruto Break the Seal and Return to Konohagakure?

The chapter released in September was packed with action and important information. It ended with a huge cliffhanger when Jigen left Naruto for dead in a dimension that only he and Sasuke can find. To make matters worse, Jigen sealed Naruto’s location, making it even more impossible for the Seventh Hokage to escape while being impaled with several of Jigen’s rods. Naruto is badly wounded in a sterile dimension with a rapidly declining chakra, so is it possible that he is released in chapter 39 of “Boruto”?

Given the current situation, fans may not want to see Naruto escape soon. Sasuke, the only one who can find him, was also seriously injured from his fight with Jigen. It will take time before he can regain his strength, and may not even happen as soon as ” Boruto ” in chapter 39. Also, it would make more sense for Sasuke and the other leaders in Konohagakure to focus on preparing for Jigen’s return after seeing what powerful is he.

Boruto chapter 39 to reveal more about Isshiki Otsutsuki?

One of the biggest revelations in chapter 38 was that Jigen is also just a recipient of another Otsutsuki member named Isshiki. At this point, very little information is known about Isshiki, other than speculation that it might be a kind of twin for Kaguya. What is very clear is that it is so powerful that Jigen’s body was literally cracked when he used more force to fight Sasuke and Naruto. With Konohagakure possibly regrouping to save Naruto and prepare for Jigen / Isshiki’s return to obtain Kawaki, chapter 39 of “Boruto” could serve as an intermediate for the arc and insert more details on Isshiki’s backstory. The next chapter will officially launch on October 20.

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