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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 38 Online Free

The manga installment of ” Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ” for this month did not disappoint. For the next one, Boruto is expected to join the action against Jigen and perhaps unleash the powers of his Jougan and Karma in Manga 38 of “Boruto”.

As expected, Naruto received help when his fight with Jigen began. The Seventh Hokage made it clear that without Sasuke, he could have been trapped in that other dimension where Jigen brought him in chapter 37. Naruto and Sasuke are expected to continue fighting Jigen in this dimension in chapter 38 of “Boruto”. But what are the chances that Boruto will join them?

‘Boruto’ Chapter 38 Predictions: Can Boruto Find Naruto and Sasuke?

Many are very likely to expect Boruto and Kawaki to join the ongoing fight in the next chapters. However, it could be tricky given that Naruto, Sasuke, and Jigen are currently in a different dimension than only those with Rinnegan-based time and space ninjutsu (like Sasuke) can find. But many Karma seal skills have yet to be introduced, and there is a possibility that chapter 38 of “Boruto” will reveal that Karma allows Boruto to teleport.

Jigen already confirmed that he could teleport through other people’s Karma seal. It’s safe to assume that both Boruto and Kawaki can do it, too. The fight is expected to be more intense in “Boruto” chapter 38, which could mean Boruto and Kawaki find where Naruto and Sasuke are.

Chapter 37 ended with Jigen literally pulling a horn out of his Karma, which means he will do his best in his next moves against Sasuke and Naruto. Getting Boruto to face Jigen in this state is exciting because the former has many powers that have yet to be fully explained and used. In addition to Karma, Boruto also has the right eye. Jougan is believed to be an Otsutsuki dojutsu. As things get more exciting in “Boruto” chapter 38, it’s not surprising if Boruto finally activates both his Jougan and Karma.

Release date of chapter 38 of ‘Boruto’

In addition to Boruto and Kawaki’s upcoming moves, other characters are also on the move entering Chapter 38 of “Boruto”. Sarada just arrived at Naruto’s house finding blood on the ground and Kawaki looks distressed. Koji Kashin’s motives remain a mystery while he remains in Konohagakure. Meanwhile, Boruto and Mitsuki are probably learning what happened to Kawaki. Chapter 38 of “Boruto” will officially launch on September 20.

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