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Re: Zero dates the second part of its season 2

” Re: Zero ” left us this summer with the first part of a highly anticipated second anime season in which, unsurprisingly, Subaru again faced constant life and death situations. Unfortunately this came to a halt with the start of the fall programming, although now that there are only a few weeks left of the latter , winter will smile at us again with the return of “Re: Zero” .

Re: Zero season 2 returns in early January

Thus, after being previously announced that the second part of season 2 of “Re: Zero” would return during January 2021, we now find the final release date for it:

As we can see – thanks to the AIR team – “Re: Zero” will delight us with the continuation of its second season from January 6, 2021. With this in mind, the truth is that this next month has many numbers to be one of the best in terms of anime content that can be remembered in the entire history of programming. While it is true that in terms of new IPs there do not seem to be big names as on other occasions, the second seasons are preparing to shine in style.

Thus, we will remember that in January 2021 we will also have the second seasons of “The Promised Neverland”, “Beastars” and “Dr. Stone” among others. COVID-19 was the main cause months ago that some of these could not be broadcast as originally scheduled, but no matter how bad it was at the time, all this now results in the beginning of 2021 to remember.

Re: Zero Synopsis

” Subaru Natsuki is an ordinary high school student who meets a beautiful silver-haired girl from another world who rescues him. To return the favor, he decides to stay with her, but the fate that the girl carries is much heavier than what Subaru can imagine. Enemies attack relentlessly, one after another until finally both he and the girl are killed. Subaru does not want the girl to be injured, thus vowing to take down any enemy, whatever fate awaits him, always for protecting her.

Thus, the one who was previously an ordinary student gains the power of “Return from Death”, a unique ability that allows him to go back in time when he dies. Thus, Subaru becomes an essential guide to a world in which everyone’s memories can be overwritten, except his own, who remembers everything every time he returns. “


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