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Who is Kara? Boruto Manga Characters | Boruto

It is an organization that plays the role of antagonist in the series -something similar to what Akatsuki was in the Naruto series- whose objective is not very clear, but it is suspected throughout the series, that it has to do with the elimination of the shinobi to give rise to a new race of ninjas.

However, something that is very clear from the beginning of the series is that this organization is behind some strange marks, which usually manifest as a black diamond and are known as Kama; which have a doubtful origin, since they are considered aliens or from another dimension.

The organization has several members, which are classified as Internal and External; Its exact number is unknown, however, at the moment, it is known that it is made up of seven, of which two are external and five are internal.

The members of Kara are easily identified due to the fact that they carry a tattoo of a Roman numeral, which represents the member number they have within the organization.


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