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Who is Kagura Karatachi? Boruto Manga Characters | Boruto

He is the grandson of the fourth Mizukage – he was known as the most terrifying of all who held that position due to the horrible and uncontrollable events that occurred during his term. Given his relationship with the fourth Mizukage, Kagura found it very difficult to make friends, as all the children preferred to stay away and not share with him, in addition to treating him with contempt.

Kagura decides to enroll in the Ninja Academy, where he undergoes various events that are worrying for him and his village. This young shinobi has a serious problem with his fighting attitude; when he begins to enter the action, he is immersed in a trance state, in which he explodes violently and does not measure his actions.

He plays an assistant role to the sixth Mizukage, Chojuro. Furthermore, given his abilities, he is an exceptional candidate to be part of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. However, due to his fear of swinging a sword and hurting someone, he refuses to present evidence.

After his past was revealed, Kagura is saddened and decides to leave, to which Boruto reacts by trying to cheer him up, playing with him, and forging an incomparable bond of friendship. This affection filled Kagura with such confidence that she decided to take the test to become a Swordsman and train with Chojuro.


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