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Forget Naruto or Sasuke, is Boruto the “last hope” to defeat Momoshiki?

Blurred righteousness in the series bearing his own name, however now Boruto is the last hope to defeat Momoshiki.

Objectively speaking, Boruto’s role from the start of the series of the same name is nothing more than supporting Naruto and Sasuke in his fight against Isshiki. In fact, the key to winning Isshiki is Naruto’s Baryon mode and the appearance of the character Kawaki. So with both Naruto and Sasuke seriously wounded, whether Boruto is the last hope to defeat the powerful villain named Momoshiki.

At first we are quite surprised by the way Momoshiki appears. He waited for Naruto and Isshiki to annihilate each other, resulting in one dead and one seriously injured. Meanwhile, using Boruto himself, Momoshiki attacks Sasuke, who is most likely to stop his plot. Momoshiki possesses two white eyes and has a Rinnegan in both hands, which can be seen that he has a tremendous power. Momoshiki prefers to absorb and use other people’s techniques rather than relying on his own personal strength.

Apparently, Momoshiki chose the right time to show up and act. Currently, he is manipulating Boruto with the aim of turning Naruto’s son into a weapon of destruction. Boruto is Momoshiki’s vessel and he can control him while losing consciousness like a time bomb that can explode at any time.

So how can you stop Momoshiki and his plans? Kawaki is currently the most energetic figure in stopping the villain Momoshiki. It was likely that this warrior famous for his ability to engage directly at close range would be Boruto’s opponent, which was now controlled by Momoshiki. Despite being a very powerful character, it was hard for Kawaki to stop Momoshiki, who confidently confronted both Naruto and Sasuke, two legends known for their strength. Then right now, no one can defeat Momoshiki except Boruto. So how will he defeat this villain?

One theory that many readers have come up with is that with the help of Naruto and Sasuke, Boruto will regain consciousness and not let Momoshiki control himself. Meanwhile, Kawaki will do his best to stop Boruto from damaging Naruto and Sasuke’s life. Once in control, Momoshiki had to show himself and it was clear that Boruto would do his last hope in order to defeat Momoshiki.

This will need to wait on the work of the “father” Naruto, who has been taking over the Boruto series. He created adversity for the Boruto to become the key to defeating Momoshiki. This will be clarified in the coming chapters. However, if this happens, then it is only reasonable, it is time for the main character of the series to shine, right?



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