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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 54 Online Free

In Chapter 54 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga, Isshiki is finally eliminated. It all ended when Boruto (now manipulated by Momoshiki) rushed to blind Sasuke. Will another death battle happen or not?


Boruto Manga Chapter 54 Spoilers, Predictions, and Theories

If the father of Naruto returned to Boruto, the story would return to its correct orbit, Masashi Kishimoto “smacked” fans around the world with a blind stabbing Sasuke (and us too) from the taste. Boruto’s mind.

It can be seen that instead of taking advantage of the powerful Naruto-Sasuke couple, Masashi-sensei chose to force them back to the wings and gave the rest of the stage to the youth. In the next chapter, it is possible that Naruto and Sasuke will use all their remaining powers to awaken Boruto, preventing Momoshiki from using his body to kill Kawaki.

It was still unclear what Momoshiki’s intentions were when he said that Kawaki was the only one left. Maybe we will learn more about this in the next chapter. The content of Boruto 53 will mostly be a dialogue between the two sides and end the possibility of some trade-off to get Boruto back. Boruto’s stabbing Sasuke was probably the source of the events in the first chapter when Boruto confronted Kawaki. Another case that could be mentioned is that Boruto would be possessed for a long time, thereby losing contact with Konoha and indirectly becoming the village destroyer.

Also, in the previous chapter, Kawaki was located and teleported to him by Isshiki. Naruto and Sasuke were shocked by this but then they realized the reason. It was Naruto’s chakra-infused arm that revealed Kawaki’s location.

Isshiki only has 5 minutes to live. He quickly approached Kawaki in an attempt to implant Karma on him. Naruto tried to intervene to buy time but it was too late. Isshiki managed to defeat him and force Seven to interrupt Baryon Mode.

Isshiki then grabbed Kawaki, starting the process of transplanting Karma. Sasuke, seeing that, immediately switched with Kawaki. Isshiki kicked him away and used Byakugan to search for Kawaki. However, he couldn’t see Kawaki anywhere. The name Otsutsuki started to be confused. He yelled his name and played “dirty nape” and threatened to kill Naruto in order to lure Kawaki out. Kawaki took her mechanical arm and started thinking. After a while, Kawaki appeared, using fire release to attack. Of course, the attack meant nothing to Isshiki and he was quickly caught. He insults Kawaki that he is not capable of being a ninja and that now Kawaki will be his new body ..

While transmitting Karma, Isshiki did not realize he was being deceived. Kawaki in front of him was just a clone and the Otsutsuki was so drunk of victory that he fell into a trap. Upon realizing the truth, Isshiki screamed angrily and collapsed onto the ground, turning to dust.

Everything seemed to have ended when Boruto (now controlled by Momoshiki) took a kunai and stabbed Sasuke’s left eye. “He,” said: “Unexpectedly you guys could kill Isshiki. So it’s only you.”

Boruto Chapter 54 Release date & Raw scans

Boruto 54 is scheduled for release on January 21, 2021. The spoiler information will be updated by Borutomovieuk.com as soon as possible around January 17-19 next year.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 54

Chapter 54

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