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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 52 Online Free

In Chapter 52 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga, accepting sacrifices of life, Naruto and Nine-Tails gain a new form of combat. Will Tenth die or Isshiki destroyed first? To know more about Boruto Manga Chapter 52, read the spoilers, predictions & theories down below. Also, spoilers will be updated timely and any change in release date will also be updated.


Boruto Manga 52 Spoilers, Predictions, and Theories

Naruto finally regained his reputation. This is the sour form ever seen before. Surely with it, Naruto would make it difficult for Isshiki to force him into a dead end.

According to Kurama, it seemed that this power not only absorbed Naruto’s chakra but also used his life force is energy. If this is true, the longer the match lasts, the weaker Naruto will be. It would be safest if Naruto could eradicate Isshiki from an early age. Naruto’s chances of winning this match are quite high. However, Isshiki will definitely have a way out of the fight and find Kawaki. He would hand it over to Kawaki Karma, which in turn led to the fight in the first chapter. Maybe Naruto will die in the next few chapters. Seven would hand over his son and Konoha to Sasuke.

Also, in the previous chapter, Boruto realizes why Isshiki didn’t dare kill him. During his confrontation with Boro, he said: “I will bring both you and Kawaki home, take care of them because you two are very important to our plan”. Because of that statement, Boruto assumed that Isshiki needed him to live.

In Konoha, Amado believes that the Ten-Tails’ development is related to Isshiki’s actions this time. He revealed: “In order to make the Ten-Tails a tree, it is necessary to” fertilize “it with a living Otsutsuki.” Amado guessed Isshiki wanted to keep Boruto alive, and waiting until Momotsuki took him over would give him to the Ten-Tails. Going back to the fight with Isshiki. Using his own life, Boruto threatens Isshiki and forces him to stop. Isshiki responded by darting Sasuke to the ground and burying him. Boruto sends Rasengan to attack but fails. Isshiki broke his arm and kicked Boruto in the stomach.

On Naruto’s side, he was still struggling with Isshiki’s jutsu. Realizing that his chances of victory were not high, Naruto was determined to fight hard. Kurama asked, “There is still a way. Are you ready to die?”

The next moment, we see Naruto fly up and shoot Isshiki in the face, sending him flying away. Naruto gestured to the Nine-Tails, accepting himself to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Isshiki. The power from Kurama overflowed, forming a layer of chakra enveloping Naruto. This transformation is completely different from what Naruto has shown when both Sasuke and Isshiki are surprised by the power it exudes. The chapter ends here.

Boruto Chapter 52 Release date & Raw scans

Boruto Chapter 52 is scheduled to release on November 20. Raw scans will be updated 2-3 days before the chapter is released and spoiler information will be updated as soon as possible.

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