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Read Boruto Manga Chapter 51 Online Free

In Chapter 51 of Boruto Manga, after a while of fighting, Boruto is the only one who can fight Isshiki. Why couldn’t Otsutsuki kill Naruto’s son?


Boruto Manga 51 Spoilers, Predictions, and Theories

According to Amado, Boruto has enormous growth potential and is an essential key to winning against Isshiki. With Isshiki unable (or daring) to kill Boruto, is it very likely that he has something more frightening in his mind: to provoke Boruto’s transformation to revive Momoshiki?

According to the course of the match, Boruto will be the one to confront Isshiki in the next chapter. With Karma and his potential, Boruto would be able to fight the Otsutsuki name. After all, he is the main character of Boruto so if there is a 1 – 1 solo with the final boss … it makes sense. Isshiki must still be hiding many other schemes. During Boruto’s confrontation, he might talk more about them.

Also, in the previous chapter, The fight with Isshiki continued. Naruto asked, “Where am I?”. Boruto replied that he even didn’t know. Boruto only imitated the Otsutsuki, using Karma for teleportation. Isshiki began to act. He rushed over, grabbed Boruto and carried him into the air. Isshiki says that Boruto’s transformation is going faster than he thought. Currently, Boruto can use 80% of the Otsutsuki’s power. Isshiki threatens Boruto, forcing him to show his strength to him. Sasuke immediately intervened. He teleported Boruto to the ground and charged at Isshiki with Chidori. Isshiki quickly stopped and kicked Sasuke aside. Isshiki then headed towards Boruto. Naruto used senjutsu against Isshiki.

Kawaki suddenly woke up. He looked around for Naruto and Boruto, but he was nowhere to be found. Kawaki assumed that all had moved into another dimension just like the last battle. Amado says he’s in a safe place so don’t worry. He also said that as long as Kawaki isn’t found out in a few days, Isshiki will die and everyone is safe. The chapter continues with Naruto and Isshiki’s confrontation. Naruto made Rasengan attempt to attack but was neutralized by Isshiki’s power. Without stopping, the Seventh created giant arms, continuously punching the opponent. Still, Isshiki remained unharmed. He teleported onto Naruto and kicked him to the ground.

Drawing on his previous experience, Naruto created clones to attack Isshiki. Sasuke also awoke and rushed from behind the isshiki. Understanding his comrades’ agreement, Naruto grabbed Isshiki tightly, allowing Sasuke to throw Chidori at his opponent.

At the moment of danger, Isshiki summoned giant cubes, destroyed all of Naruto’s clones and disappeared of the two shinobi. The Otsutsuki then attacked Sasuke with a stick. He wants to end the Uchiha lineage! Isshiki pulled out Sasuke’s sword and was about to stab him to death. At that moment, Boruto flew over, hugged Sasuke, creating a haze and teleported himself and his teacher to safety. It seems that the boy has learned to control Karma more smoothly than before.

Isshiki then conversed with Boruto. Boruto clearly showed his determination to defeat the Otsutsuki name. He realized that Isshiki couldn’t kill him. The chapter ends here.

Boruto Chapter 51 Release date & Raw scans

Boruto Manga chaper 51 is scheduled to release on October 20. Spoiler information will be updated in the shortest time.

Link to Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 51



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