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Boruto revealed the official appearance of the character

After much time waiting, character Kawaki will finally officially appear in the Boruto anime in early 2021.

After the episode with the return of veteran ninja Ao, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will officially launch the Vessel arc in January 2021 with confirmation of bringing Kawaki from the manga to the anime version. For those who are just following the anime, Kawaki has only appeared in the first episode with a mysterious identity that has created curiosity about this boy. With the fact that the character has a small influence on the main storyline of the manga brother, fans are even more excited to see Kawaki and the villains of Kara appear in the anime.

In the Jump Festa online event, in addition to the short teaser, the Boruto series also announced the official appearance of Kawaki from the pages to the small screen version. Although it was teased in opening 7, but the Vessel arc will be the venue for the debut to bring the most complete view for those who love Kawaki. The voice contributor for this mysterious boy will be Yuma Uchida, who is also currently participating in the Jujutsu Kaisen project while voicing the character Megumi Fushiguro.

Boruto’s Arc Vessel will be released next year with the confirmation that it will follow the important details from the manga combined with novel elements to provide a different experience for fans. The inclusion of Kawaki and the core members of Kara will make this version of the anime even more appealing.

What do people think of Kawaki’s concept? Let’s look forward to seeing Boruto arc Vessel coming in January!



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