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Boruto: Naruto’s “father” returned, and Sasuke was immediately “drowned”

We wait for Masashi Kishimoto, the man who made the legendary Naruto to return to take over Boruto, and the first thing he does is “defame” Sasuke once more.

As we all know, Masashi Kishimoto returned to take over Boruto after completing Samurai 8, a not so successful manga. This return for Naruto’s “Father” was at the height of the war in Boruto. And the first thing he did at Boruto chapter 53, the first chapter that marked his return by continuing to defame Sasuke.

It is possible to explain why Masashi Kishimoto did this. He was aware of what to do to make Boruto attractive again. We see that the previous author left Boruto too fuzzy, the next generation also had no personality, the hard process of training to grow, to progress. So for Boruto to stand out, what needs to be done is to let Naruto disappear completely from the Boruto series. What is the best way to do this? Simply making Naruto die and all hope will be on Boruto and the next generation, not for the former gods of Naruto to shine.

However, instead of “defaming” Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto turned to “damn” another pet named Sasuke. If we are a fan of the last member of Konoha Uchiha clan then we will definitely feel angry at what happened in Boruto chapter 53. We must remember in Naruto that Sasuke’s power is comparable. Akatsuki members like Deidara and Itachi, two of the five Kage, defeat Danzo Shimura – one of Konoha’s most powerful ninja. With the Six Paths chakra, Sasuke was able to overwhelm both Manda and the Ten-Tails jinchuriki, Kurama once compared Sasuke’s strength to the level of the Sage of the Six Paths.

However, the only survivor of the Konoha Uchiha clan was easily pierced with his left eye by Boruto using a kunai. Speaking of Sasuke’s Sharingan, we know how powerful it is. Orochimaru once claimed that Sasuke’s Sharingan was powerful, though not fully awakened, even stronger than Itachi’s Sharingan. Later, it was the power and skill with the “maturity” in the use of Dojutsu – the eye technique that made up the title “The Rotating Eye of Sasuke”.

The Sharingan helps Sasuke see the amount of chakra, accurately reproduce any moves seen through, track the target at high speed, and partly predict the opponent’s direction of movement (end of Part I). Sasuke can also use Genjutsu – Sharingan for a broader purpose such as dispersing, interrogating, taking down opponents or turning them into puppets. The Sharingan can also get information from others or enter their subconscious, as when meeting Naruto again (part 2), Sasuke can enter Jinchuriki’s subconscious and suppress the Tailed Beast.

But all of that, that nickname “Defeat Sasuke” was ruined by a simple stab from Boruto. Do you think it’s irrational, too irrational? If it was so easy to ruin Sasuke’s left eye that he probably wouldn’t have lived up to Boruto until now.

It is most likely that Masashi Kishimoto’s intention by having Boruto punctured Sasuke’s left eye was a move to pave the way for legends like Naruto and Sasuke to disappear from the Boruto series. Naruto’s fate is unknown, but Sasuke, with one arm, amputated and now stabbed with his powerful left eye, will officially not be able to do much in Boruto in the future. . Masashi Kishimoto was so merciless with Sasuke, in the near future, it would not be surprising if the author “broke down” with his “pet”.

It is not yet known how successful the “father” of these legends will be defamed, but now many readers feel frustrated about how “the father” of Naruto “defamed” Sasuke in the new chapter. Best of Boruto ? What do you think about this, please leave your opinion



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