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Boruto Manga Chapter 54: Latest Spoilers & Release Date

Could that be what happened in Boruto chapter 54, Momoshiki overpowered Boruto to attack Kawaki and Sasuke definitely wouldn’t stand watching?

As we all know, Isshiki was deceived in an attempt to control Kawaki Isshiki to ashes in the presence of a seriously wounded Naruto. Everything seemed to have ended when Boruto (now controlled by Momoshiki) took a kunai and stabbed Sasuke’s left eye. “He” said: “Unexpectedly you guys could kill Isshiki. So it’s only you.”

And so Naruto’s “father” marked the first chapter back to his Boruto by “burying” Boruto in the face with a blind stabbing Sasuke’s eye from Boruto’s position. From a celebrity with his scary eyes, Sasuke suddenly became a terribly drowned man.

Based on Boruto’s statement (now being controlled by Momoshiki) we can see that the final battle will be poured over Boruto and Kawaki duo. Meanwhile, Sasuke, Naruto’s friend, was stabbed to death, taking time to regain his composure. Naruto and Sasuke seem to be doing their best, the two will try to find a way to stop Momoshiki. It is possible that Naruto and Sasuke will use their remaining strength to awaken Boruto, preventing Momoshiki from using his body to kill Kawaki.

It was still unclear what Momoshiki’s intentions were when he said that Kawaki was the only one left. Maybe we will learn more about this in the next chapter. Before Naruto and Sasuke can find a way for Boruto to return from being dominated by Momoshiki, Kawaki will be the one to stop Boruto (now controlled by Momoshiki) from attacking and harming the two seniors, Naruto and Sasuke. .

Boruto’s stabbing Sasuke was probably the source of Boruto’s confrontation with Kawaki. The two will battle each other and for sure this will be an interesting confrontation. Do we have dreams, we cannot imagine that Boruto and Kawaki would confront each other in this situation. What Kawaki needed to do was buy time, wait until Naruto and Sasuke figured out how to bring Boruto back.

Boruto chapter 54 is scheduled to be released on January 21, 2021. Above are our predictions about this promising new chapter that will be very interesting. Please leave your comments about the content of Boruto Chapter 54!



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