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Boruto Manga Chapter 47 | Release date, where to read the episode and latest spoilers

Just 10 days after the premiere of Boruto Chapter 46, many of Boruto’s fans have read more than once what happened in this new installment of the manga and are eager to know what else will happen in the fight between Jigen and Kashin Koji and who will be the winner of this conflict. Below, we review everything that is known so far, with new spoilers.

Release date of Boruto Manga Chapter 47

Chapter 47 of Boruto’s manga will be read on June 18. This is the expected launch date if there are no unforeseen events or setbacks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boruto Manga 47: Release Date and Spoilers

Where can I read Boruto Manga chapter 47?

As always, we recommend our website, which has the complete chapters, in English, and with the possibility of downloading them in PDF.

Latest spoilers for Boruto Manga Chapter 47

The code could intervene in the great battle between Jigen vs. Koji Kashin in this new chapter to help his teacher. Furthermore, one of the great revelations is that Koji was created specifically to kill Kara’s leader, Jigen. But it is not the only thing that will be known: there are still many secrets of Kara to discover.

The new spoilers appeared in the V Jump magazine teaser, and what is known so far is that the new episode will reveal who will win the fight, although it must be known that Code’s possible intervention could change the play.

Fans haven’t seen Code’s true powers yet. Jigen trusts him and has given him the power to protect the Ten-Tails, proving how powerful he can be in a fight. Although it remains to be seen if it will truly take place in battle.

As the premiere date of the new episode approaches, more details of the plot will be known.


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