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Boruto Manga 47 It’s now or never! The Battle Continues

Boruto Manga 47 Release Date: Boruto’s manga is becoming a hidden ace in Shonen Jump. And now he’s going crazy chapter after chapter. Each chapter creates so much hype and excitement that fans are desperately waiting for the next Boruto Manga 47 chapter.

The recently released chapter 46 proved once again that the creators really strive to make the series as amazing as the Naruto series. Even in the COVID-19 situation, they are working hard to make it possible to release a new chapter every month.

As I said in chapter 46 above, an incredible chapter and I revealed many events such as the fight between Jigen and Kashin Koji, Jigen’s true identity, Ostusuki’s plan, and telling…

Spoiler Warning: There are many spoilers for Chapter 46 later in the article and if you haven’t read it yet. I suggest you read it first and then come later if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Boruto Manga Chapter 46:

Kashin Koji, ready to attack Jigen at any time, faces the real reason for his creation that kills Jigen. On the other hand, Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and others are watching and listening to this entire scene through a live feed through Kashin Koji’s frog to Amado’s telescope.

Even Naruto and others are shocked after hearing Koji’s true motives and want to know the reason behind Amado. Then Amado revealed that he and Kashin Koji were only playing as members, but his real motives are to take down Jigen and eliminate him.

And now this is a perfect opportunity when Jigen weakens by fighting Naruto and Sasuke. According to Amado, “it is now or never.”

After this, the Jigen vs. Koji fight started.

Koji started attacking some incendiary bombs, but Jigen absorbed them because we know it’s Karama’s ability, so Koji appears behind Jigen and sprinkles flammable toad oil on him, and ignites the oil with his toads.

Boruto Manga Chapter 47: Predictions

This chapter will continue Jigen and Koji’s fight, but there is some chance that Koji will defeat him, as Amado confirms that he founded a way to kill Oshtuskis.

We will also know more about Amado’s secrets.

It is possible that this chapter will reveal the true identity of Kashin Koji. But I don’t think it’s Master Jiraya. Because as we all know, Mishimoto plays suspense, and now why does everyone think of Jiraya, so I doubt Koji is Jiraya.

Release date:

Boruto manga chapter 47  will be released on June 18, 2020. You can read Boruto chapter 47 after the countdown reaches zero on the viz media official website.


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