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Boruto has his body taken away, is the moment of Naruto’s “death” coming?

From the very beginning of the Boruto series, Naruto’s death was already on the horizon.

Boruto is a continuation of the legendary Naruto series that has been associated with childhood and even became a monument in the hearts of many readers. However, Boruto is getting more attention than ever when Naruto’s own author returned to pen and perhaps killed Naruto.

Unlike Naruto, Boruto is a series that goes from full bright scenes of a child living in happiness to the dark future of the ninja world, and the burden placed on this boy’s shoulders is growing. In the new chapter Boruto was possessed by Momoshiki, so he stabbed Sasuke in the eye with a kunai.

And Ikemoto also reminded that the scene where Boruto and Kawaki confront each other in the first chapter of the series will not be far away, although he cannot reveal exactly where it is in the plot. This worries many readers because according to the first chapter, Naruto is dead and the ninja world has collapsed. In other words, maybe the day when Naruto will die is on the horizon.

Not only Naruto but maybe Sasuke could not escape that fate because now the enemies he faced were not ordinary people anymore. According to the latest chapter, the legendary ninja Naruto and Sasuke tried their best to defeat Isshiki but ended up letting Boruto take over. So maybe, unfortunately, author Kishimoto will sacrifice both of them to make an important step forward in the series.

Fans are shaken and on forums they talk a lot about Sasuke being stabbed in one eye by Boruto. In addition, many opinions are worried because in Russia a male student committed suicide when Itachi died. If either Naruto or Sasuke died, it would have caused the same thing. When both were the childhood idols of many people.

Boruto is a series of later generations but is often compared with Naruto because of his father’s shadow. But Boruto is slowly standing up to create his own anecdote so that when it comes to people not only remember that Boruto is Naruto’s son anymore. Until now in the process of growing up, Naruto and Sasuke are always there to teach him. If one day the father and teacher were no longer with Boruto, he would have to learn how to walk alone. By then we will see a mature Boruto can no longer just joke around, tease Naruto. Let’s wait together!



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