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Boruto: Forget the evil Eye of God, Sasuke was born to torture Naruto and his father

These are the cruel realities that take place in Boruto, since the day he appeared in this post-generation manga, Sasuke seems to have been a shadow of his own.

As soon as the information about Boruto Chapter 53 was revealed, many fans were frustrated and disappointed with the fact that Sasuke was pierced by Boruto’s eyes. It is worth mentioning here that Sasuke’s powerful Sharingan eye could not avoid a stab from his pupil.

If you are a fan of Naruto and love the character Sasuke, no one would think that one day that legendary eye would be damaged with a simple stab. The Sharingan is one of the Limit Bloods, inherited in the Uchiha clan. The Wheel of Darkness sprang up automatically at certain times, in a few members of the Uchiha clan.

The Eye of the Wheel is one of the high-level jutsu in the Naruto series. Sharingan eyes are also divided into many different levels, each level requires the owner to go through a hard process to achieve. Sharingan eyes are also known as “heart eyes”, when the owner himself suffers more negative emotions such as extreme stress or sees the death of a loved one, the stronger the eye power. In addition, positive emotions such as self-sacrifice or family reunification can also strengthen Ta Luan Eye’s eyesight. The Eye of the Wheel can memorize any technique it sees, with great precision, allowing the owner to perform it for himself.

Sharingan eyes help its owners have extremely perfect vision, allowing them to see objects moving at extremely fast speeds, and even predict the next movement of the object. In addition, the person’s perception is improved, they can sense things around them sensitively.

It was so beneficial, but Naruto’s “father” hid his return to the Boruto series with a “blind-eye” phase when he let his pupil Boruto stab Sasuke’s Eye. Even knowing that letting legends like Naruto or Sasuke fade away is even disappearing from the series to give land to the juniors. But the question is why it is Sasuke and why is the trauma this character has suffered.

How heartbroken Sasuke fans were when he watched his friend Naruto lose his friend’s arm. Both Naruto and Sasuke lost an arm after the duel in the Valley of the End, but only Naruto had the prosthesis restored and Sasuke accepted one arm amputated. To be fair, it was Naruto who took one of Sasuke’s arms.

And now it is his son Boruto, who was taught a lot by Sasuke, who is the culprit piercing Sasuke’s eye of the Sharingan. For some reason, or Sasuke’s fate was born to let Naruto and his father hurt him, but now with the loss of his Sharingan eye, Sasuke doesn’t seem to do much of anything. Boruto sequel too.

Like father, like son, it seems that Naruto has succeeded in marking his return with a tragic “drown”. Myself and many others, being a fan of Sasuke, find these things unfair to their idols.

The above article is subjective of the author of the article, but for you, what do people think about Sasuke and that he was born just to let Naruto and his father hurt? Please leave your comments on this matter



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