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Attack on Titan Manga: Top five ways the manga can end!

There are only a few more chapters that the Attack on Titan series that lasted more than 10 years will also end. So how will the author end up with his work?

Attack on Titan series was first published in Kodansha magazine on March 17, 2010. More than 10 years have passed and the series has gradually come to an end. As of now, there hasn’t been much disclosure about the ending, but there are a few intriguing predictions about the end of the series. Let’s try it out together.

Top five dark endings of Attack on Titan Manga

Eren Jaeger dies

Eren Jaeger was originally seen as the main character of Attack On Titan , but things changed in Attack On Titan manga when he gained the powers of the Original Titan. Travel back in time with his brother Zeke, Eren became the most powerful creature in the world, he fell and became a villain when he wanted to eliminate anyone and anything else. have Eldia bloodline.

Right now, while Mikasa and Armin have found a lot of ways to save their most important friend, it seems that the only way to stop Eren is to kill him. And this is also the final and painful end for many fans.

Humanity wiped out all of Titan

Titan power itself is a unique ability, but gaining that power comes at a high price, even if the user is aware of it. Apparently the Titans do a lot of damage to the world and need to be eliminated. Besides the downside of the Titan is that the longevity and greater power will cause more harm to the health of the user.

It would be the perfect end when the author lets all Titan wielders decide not to pass on their powers to the next generation, accept the obvious death, and all the other inanimate Titans will. destroyed by the Reconnaissance Corps.

Eldia and Marley merged into one nation

The creation of the new Reconnaissance Corps has proven that anything can happen in the story of Attack On Titan . Even members like Armin, Mikasa, Jean, now have to stand shoulder to shoulder with Reiner, Annie and Titan Horse to stop Eren’s genocide plan.

Based on this solidarity, it is very likely that the descendants of Eldia and the citizens of Marley could unify and form a whole new nation.

Everyone will die

This is definitely the darkest end that the author can bring to fans. It is possible that everyone of the Scout Corps, the Marleys, the Eldians, all the people living in the world of Attack On Titan and even Eren will die from his genocide plan.

The battle between Marley and Eldia was a bloody one and going on for so long so maybe the only way for the battle to end was that all participants didn’t survive the final encounter.

Eren has made a historic “trick”

Add an unexpected ending that few can think of that Eren is a good person but accepts to become a villain to unite the two nations. He took steps to silently draw everyone into an enemy, in which he turned himself into a villain to unify the two countries under a common flag.

This is easy to understand and quite possible, as while he was traveling back in time, he not only witnessed the life of his father but also the horrifying life of Titan Water Ymir, and he did not want The world must continue like that, you need two peoples to unite together.


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